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thank you waited the dishonorable title of traitor. of course it's hard to hear that we have family neighbors would think about our house but in other words we run away whiskey because we're scared of radiation but there's no example in the world of something similar and the consequences are still ongoing. while those who have moved to shelters here in tokyo are facing that guilt and the pressure to move back home there are others who have lost everything cannot handle the overwhelming change and they are facing even darker demons japan already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and following the disaster in march the government has issued a warning about a possible nationwide epidemic of depression. here. commented . is everything they saw in full after many hours of hard work on just. one night.
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so some. farmers committed suicide i'm very sad to hear the news and many other farmers are also very much depressed a recent national survey in japan performed by dr hiroshi and his team shows that suicide rates in japan have been found increased in the months since the disaster compared to the same timeframe in the previous two years but the demographics are not what you might expect. this is a rate increase. not. you know thirty eight centers but if you're areas because. striving to you costs right they have not had to make suicide this disaster has certainly taken its toll on japan's economy and such constant reminders of an intense topic can harm the collective psyche of the people who live here as well because of the. tsunami
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disaster plus nuclear disaster many people lost their jobs or their working conditions has crushed. so. yeah they have a so many good reasons to commit suicide causing japan's death toll to keep rising even though the initial disaster has subsided months before in japan sean thomas or t.v. . watching live from moscow syria get serious about political freedom we ask whether a democratic gesture by president asif government will help an ongoing violence or helping hold on to power. president barack. obama has turned to the public for help in pushing through a deal on its debt he wants americans to put pressure on congress to find a compromise and a televised national address you warned that failing to raise the debt ceiling will cause incalculable economic damage obama blamed republicans in the house of representatives or the lack of a deal to avoid a u.s.
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national default congress has just a week to raise the fourteen point three trillion dollars debt limit before it runs out of money risking a downgrade of its credit that would mean higher interest rates republicans and democrats have been locked in a dispute over whether spending cuts or tax hikes is the end sir to the debt crisis matthew adams senior editor at the capital research center says the government needs to raise its borrowing limit to keep investors. obama and the democrats in congress just want to keep on spending. and so they would like to see the debt ceiling raised so that they can continue to give rewards to their supporters among the labor unions and the various political organizations that are sympathetic to the democratic party's cause the u.s. is able to keep raising its debt ceiling because people investors around the world have confidence in the united states they believe that the u.s.
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government will honor its outstanding obligations and so as long as people have faith in the investors have faith in the u.s. government in its credit worthiness then the u.s. could keep raising its debt ceiling the problem right now is that the debt is so high that that in itself is starting to become a negative factor that could lead to a credit rating downgrade of the united states government if china loses confidence in. america the american government's ability to pay its debts then the u.s. will have nowhere to run to the u.s. with the only the only choice it would have would be to keep printing money to inflate the currency run the printing presses and risk devastating hyperinflation so that's about the only or the u.s. government would have to drastically cut spending and implement pretty severe
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austerity measures matthew senior editor at the capitol research center from washington d.c. . well we are closely following developments on the american financial scene on our web site so you can go to our ti dot com for the latest updates and videos as a whole when they are the countdown days until the fall to wall street high flyers are bracing themselves for iraq's new bride. this life is a joke going to. that's going to sweep really is going to be good. while others in the u.s. are choosing to ignore the problem by dressing up as superheroes santa tanning the annual comic con convention.
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a senior north korean diplomat has been invited to new york in an attempt to revive long stalled talks over his country's controversial nuclear program the moves come just days after a top and ways from the south and north korea said together for the first time in over two years on the sidelines of the already summit in indonesia there are they agreed to renew the six party talks over pyongyang's atomic ambitions and we're going to ask for north korea shelled island killing four people saying it was responding to that of military drills however the u.s. secretary of state says before any deal was discussed north korea must first dismantle its nuclear facilities as the rock and co-founder of the national campaign to and the korean war says america should stand in the way of a peaceful solution. we forget that you know if you can reach agreements even with people you have profound differences with the word exercises where we say
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simulate landing two hundred thousand troops and taking over beyond yanks and defending against other types of attacks only serves to amp it up and certainly the comments and expressions from the north don't help either so you have both sides who need to step back and certainly begin to look at peaceful exercises of their relationship their north korea has not india has always indicated that for a peace treaty and formalized relations with the united states that it would give up its nuclear weapon capability that has always been on the table and we should be grabbing that as a real opportunity because more than one hundred fifty countries have normalized relations with the north and we need formal channels to begin to deal with these things like jimmy carter and former ambassadors have been saying and our campaign along with many others are beginning to help washington move from demonization to
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engagement which is really necessary for any systematic change. on the way here in our team why have one when you can't have mattie what a growing number of women desperate tither not some are willing to accept being wife number two or even three. norway's prime minister says his country will remain an open society memorial processions for the victims of friday's twin terrorist attack have been held throughout the nation over a hundred thousand gather in the capital to mark the deaths of seventy six people flowers and candles were used to commemorate those massacred in the shooting at an island hughes camp and the bombing of government buildings in oslo man who admit at the atrocities has been charged with terrorism at a closed court hearing and will be held in isolation for four weeks as varying brevik pleaded not guilty saying he wanted to save society from an immigrant's invasion david johnson at a c.m. partners in chicago believes that if you are economic troubles increased so too
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will the popularity of extreme right wing parties. i think the financial crisis is going to make it much more difficult to combat the message of these far right groups in times of economic stress it is distressingly easy for people to look for scapegoats and unfortunately it's human nature to seek out scapegoats that look different than us who have different customs that i am concerned but it is a real trend sadly while economic hardship has not caused this i think it is likely to exacerbate what we're seeing and i think that looking at just the scandinavian countries it is actually eye opening far right groups are going to gain increasing credence and popularity in the next few years throughout europe which is worryingly close to almost a century approach and we really need to hope that our leaders throughout europe will do more to put these type of caustic ideologies back on the fringes where they
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belong. and for more analysis reports and videos on norway's first ever terror attack head to our you tube channel all the latest on the story available for you twenty four seven. news today. these are the images the world from the streets of canada. operations around. the british ministry of the fans has apologized after one of its attack helicopters one of five children by mistake and gamestation according to the u.n. and the number of civilians killed by nato airstrikes has gone up with the death toll this year alone standing at seventy nine anti-war activists lns
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a german thinks it's time for the alliance to admit the failure of its afghan campaign. i think that it will just convince more people in afghanistan that the war isn't helping them but it is actually killing and injuring more and more people so isn't working isn't going to work when you have a war where the risk of growing insurgency will bring me all sorts of people who are victims of this and children are obviously one of the worst of the casualties the only solution to this is to sell you a war isn't working as there is absolutely no justification for the nato forces to be there and that they should withdraw the troops this is now coming up to the tenth anniversary of the war and there is absolutely no question that this war is not getting better it is getting worse it is almost certain that whatever settlement eventually comes in afghanistan it will involve the taliban in some
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capacity nearly everybody now recognizes this so what is the point of continuing this war the point of continuing this war is because the americans and the british and their allies cannot admit defeat in the second country after what happened in iraq that is why they're there they are there in order to prop up a government that they have no real confidence in they are there in order to save their own faces they are there to protect their interests they're not there to protect the ordinary afghans and we've seen this again this week alison is a german from the stop the war coalition. syria's government has adopted a draft law allowing rival political parties to be created it could and decades of domination by president assad's ruling baath party opposition groups have been banned since the military coup nine hundred sixty three the law is part of reforms promised by president assad to put a man to more than four months of protest against his government over fifteen hundred civilians have been killed and thousands more detained since uprisings
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began in march however political theorist benjamin barber believes the law is nothing more than an empty gesture. it is not anything but formal and technical change the reality is this government cannot afford to have a genuine multi-party. approach because the parties that will be empowered powers that. rule and the end of bashar assad other words if they do more than just a formality it will lead to the fall of. this is anything more than a. stall for a while. to multi party democracy and i do believe that in the end. i would suggest that the united states and the western powers are hypocritical they talk about change but of course they haven't really put any
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pressure. on syria the kind that they have put on libya for example the. casualties i don't see anyone really moving to look for the fact is. evil and i think they're very worried about what the unknown alternative might look like so i suspect that while they will continue to posture in public and pretend. the regime they will do little to actually remove assad he knows that and therefore he will make some nice noises about multi-party democracy and accommodation but in reality he will hang tough and i believe that very little will change. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world nato airstrikes caused a fire at a food storage complex and time in a northern city torn between colonel gadhafi forces and the nato support of the
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rebels meanwhile forty kilometers to the east in opposition held misrata government forces burned one of the region's major fuel depakote the u.n. envoy to leave held talks with the rebel council in benghazi on monday but the sides were unable to come up with a peaceful solution to the conflict the country's ongoing civil war started in february with nato joining in march. possible has sent forces to its northern border with serbia to force an import ban imposed last week the move has led to a rise in ethnic tensions with local serbs resisting the police presence is already say they control one of the border crossings but another is being blocked by locals the battle was to counter service boycott of cost of goods in place unilateral declaration of independence in two thousand and eight. the u.s. has to make an emergency delivery of food and humanitarian aid to somalia worst dream drought is put ten million lives at risk will be the first since
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a two year ban on international aid was removed by somalia militants several weeks ago on wednesday u.n. representatives will attend a conference in kenya to find ways to raise one point six billion dollars in aid over the next year. malta has passed an historic law allowing couples to divorce in their own country it will take effect from october after the president signs it off malta was the only e.u. country without divorce legislation and couples had to travel abroad to apply for a moment through the courts or church taking up to nine years the vote is a blow to the ruling nationalist party which opposes the wars. and now from divorce to unconventional marriages like comes to the dating game in russia it really is a man's world there are ten million more when the man of the country forcing some to turn to exotic means of finding love even if that means
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a better half is more like several better quarters or the single were even often reports. meet andree a father of three and has been to three and other years ago andré got married two years own he proposed again and then again for those of go i should i refuse any of them if i love them all really why the country's demographic realities andries site including to the latest census there are ten million more women in russia than there are men the shortage of supply leads to the need for sharing a concept with injuries wise see they've made peace with the earth that i thought he was kidding but then realized that he wasn't i never expected something like this happening to me but we've all got used to it you know if you love you'll understand we never fight for andre never quarrel there is no any kind of competition either. and really considers himself an ardent christian yet to his
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wife who brought up muslims the distribution of duties and conjugal delights within the household also lies in the islamic traditions. of the several i made the move feel equal if one wants me to buy her something i will but i'll buy something of the same price for the other two as well i built in three houses and bought three apartments that's fair isn't it offer. as extraordinary as it seems and rees example is not that rare in russia many men are in relationships with several women at the time most to keep their extramarital affairs secret. moon the moon as this may look strange i agree which we consider it better to be a second or third wife rather than think you are the only one and be decently mistaken the scarcity of man is also pretty down to their propensity to gauge in was described as unhealthy behavior alcoholism and reckless driving is cheap in a way i think countries gene pool let me tell you my story twenty eight years old
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reasonably smart fairly pretty and very compassionate yet i'm still single and my odds of tying the knot to get in slimmer every year according to recent poll hey in russia forever single man over thirty there are dozens of single women still on the lookout for their prince with their wounds search for true love becoming statistically challenging no wonder always are wondering abroad and the from russia with love mantra is to go in strong. regional shanty moscow. love it or leave it so maybe that's what life is all about rock legend brian may best known as a guitarist and songwriter for queen found himself caught and weighing suicide prior to the death of freddie mercury well in just over an hour we asked brian what brought him back from the brink. what drops you killing yourself. i think what stopped me was the fact that i had children and people who depended on
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me and people who love me i would like to tell you that there was a glimmer of hope there but there wasn't at that time you know i remember driving and seeing the bridge and thinking i could do this you have to somehow get outside . and trust that you can come back here and as a person deal with. i'll be back with a recap of our main story shortly but mater is here first for the latest business. and those who don't will malcolm to business see the spikes of pleads of poor expansion russia's bank is weighing up a new purchase in the express credit markets the country's second largest lender is considering buying a ten percent stake in home credit be the buy the or these he wants to buy a stake in the bank ahead of home credit b. visa listing the i.p.o. of a twenty five percent stake is expected to raise around one billion dollars the company's
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key asset is home credit and finance bank in russia the bank holds a quarter of the instant credit market in the country. its only zanele group and germany's eon have put the finishing touches to the new power plants in siberia the foreign energy giants leading investors and russia's liberalized power market building more new capacity than russian firms there's an uptick of reports. the generators are turning creating much needed electricity last year power companies built a record four gigawatts of capacity enough to power a quarter of moscow and its foreign firms which provided the lion's share of the investment major milestone have already being achieved that the market is liberalize that the reason regulatory frame or there are markets or capacity is the and then are g.e. what we wish is to progress with this in making it more functioning russia opened
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its power sector four years ago privatizing most generating capacity during the crisis some russian firms failed to me their investment obligations while foreigners increased their market share for a mess on nine percent of capacity. but the commission seventy eight percent of new units generators are now asking regulators for predictability this year the russian government curbed price rises to fifteen percent regenerate us he lost the millions but that hasn't stopped the flaking off switches if you let it go over business our team. is looking at the markets now and we start with crude oil and it's trading up to spying us president warning the country's debt deadlock friends to damage the u.s. economy the world's largest crude consumer. across asia stocks edging higher tokyo stocks on high with financials recouping their losses from the previous session
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it's a pretty financial group is adding three quarters of a percent this out on them was trading at around two percent just a few minutes ago after hiking its profit forecast for this year gains in hong kong led by the banking sector. now let's finally take a look at the opening picture in moscow after one hour of trading the r.t.s. is up a point eight percent of my six more modest point two percent move to the main movers on the my sex and gazprom energy shares a mix gazprom up point six percent well was near for example is down one percent versus really being cautious with whether putting their money in because of the uncertainty on the market. fertilizer producer it would all carli is also due to a correction in the market for the stock russian equities have struggled to continue last week's good performance you've been a good two miles of an hour for capital says all eyes are on whether the u.s. can conjure up a plan to solve the debt situation. but the markets are still waiting for
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a decision on the u.s. debt deal so we do have all that lawmakers will come to some definite solution because the worst thing we know half of the market is that no one is no one knows what's going to happen on both sides and off all goosed when there was some deadline for the u.s. debt deal. also people are expecting crucial friday data on the u.s. economy with investors expect ten years g.d.p. to advance by one point burst sand but also people expect some slowdown in the consumer spending all in all we're waiting for two issues macro economic data which will influence all the markets across the world and also the u.s. debt deal marina's next with the headlines now back in fifteen minutes with an update of the business news they were that easy.
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a little. luck. to sleep. period.
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is easy to. see. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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watching r.t. coming to live from moscow the international atomic energy agency makes his first visit to japan's crippled fukushima plant the consequences of the nuclear nightmare have seen a rise in the sinai suicide rate and the four months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami. president obama appealed to the public to pressure congress into a compromise over its debt ceiling just a week before the u.s. could potentially default for the first time in its history. and a top north korean diplomat is set to travel to the u.s.
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for talks on resuming stalled nuclear disarmament goshi asians it comes days after and boys from the north and south met for the first time in two years and agreeing to renew six party tops. all next financial guru max geyser and his cohorts discuss the latest financial headlines for the kaiser report next. geyser. this is the kaiser report are you psychotic. well. statistically one of you should be psychotic if you look at this first headline max an unprecedented one in sixty six americans is a diagnosed psychotic outselling even common drugs to treat high blood pressure and acid reflux anti-psychotic medications are the single top selling prescription drug
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and the united states and they have quite nice names like zyprexa sarah quel abilify. this is part of the campaign to breed more goldman sachs bankers because psychosis means that you lack empathy and you need to be completely devoid of empathy to do your job effectively at goldman asset stripping corporations and disenfranchising the population and doing trade to any thought whatsoever about your actions what they might have the effects of society at large their breeding psychos the other way they've been able to do this is similar to what you see with the economy because economics of course is also a soft science and what's happened here is pharmaceutical lobbyist and companies have been targeting psychiatry asst in order to sell more of this product and the reason why they've gone to.


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